Protests continue at UWC

Protests continue at UWC

Student protests are set to continue at the University of the Western Cape campus.

Students from the University of the Western Cape have again gathered to protest against action taken by the institution, this time for its implementation of private security guards and a ban on “all student gatherings”.

“There are about 300 students now, we are moving towards the student centre,” said Mnqobi Ngubane, who calls himself a researcher for the movement.

“We are provoking them to arrest us because that is the message we are getting from them,” he added.

“They have banned all gatherings and so that is what this gathering is about.”

Tension at the university grew at the weekend after the Western Cape High Court on Friday granted an interdict against 11 students and “all who associated themselves” with that group from holding unauthorised protests at the campus or damaging property.

The order explicitly directs police to assist in implementing it.

UWC vice chancellor Tyrone Pretorius on Saturday issued a statement saying it was he was “deeply disturbed that what started out as a laudable national movement has degenerated at UWC into a violation of the basic rights of others”.

In the meanwhile, students from the University of Cape Town (UCT) were heading to Parliament in a separate protest.


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