“Fire Station robbery was an inside job” – Victims

Picture: Thinkstock

Picture: Thinkstock

Sandton Fire Station robbery victims said they suspect the robbery was an inside job.

Parents, who were robbed at a weekend children’s party at the Sandton Fire Station, said on Monday they suspect the robbery was an inside job.

Speaking to Talk Radio 702, some parents said the officials at the Fire Station during the party had no way of calling for help from the police because they didn’t have airtime for his cellphone.

There were about 40 parents and 30 children at the party.

The parents also complained that their phone calls to the emergency number 911 went unanswered.

The armed gang of three men, assaulted some parents before they made off with jewelry and other valuables.

Police and emergency services said they were investigating.

The robbery is another blight on the troubles dogging fire fighters. There has been unease among the firefighters over their working conditions.

Last week a firefighter fatally shot his boss after he was served with documents related to a discipline matter.


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