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26 Oct 2015
1:00 pm

Attack on Zuma ‘an attack on the revolution’

Citizen Reporter

The African National Congress Women's League (ANCWL) has embarked on a march under the theme “Women defending the national democratic revolution: celebrating the life of Oliver Tambo".

FILE PICTURE: President Jacob Zuma. (Photo: DoC)

The late Tambo, being the longest-serving president of the ANC, played a “major role in the growth and development of the movement and its policies”.

On their Twitter account, the ANCWL further says President Jacob Zuma is the face of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) and therefore, the “human face of our revolution”.

“Women reaffirm the leadership of President Zuma as the champion of the revolution,” the league said.

The Women’s League further says any attack on the president is an attack on the “revolution and organisation”.

This comes after EFF leader Julius Malema accused ANC officials working in the City of Joburg of “sleeping with women before giving them jobs and houses”.

Malema was addressing about 4 000 people at Zandspruit informal settlement, north of Johannesburg, yesterday.

He said many people came to Johannesburg and its surrounding areas to seek jobs and houses, but their efforts yielded no positive results.

“ANC people do not know how to propose love. They propose with jobs. You sleep in a one-room shack with your kids on the floor. You cannot even do anything private as parents because of these kids,” Malema said.