Valeska Abreu
1 minute read
26 Oct 2015
11:18 am

Police arrive at protest hit TUT

Valeska Abreu

Protest action has flared up again at the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) campuses resulting in management suspending academic activities until Wednesday.

Students protesting at TUT main campus on 26 October 2015, as a police Nyala flanks their presence | Photo: Christine Vermooten

“Due to disruptions that are unfortunately continuing at some of our campuses, the university management suspended activities at all campuses for today and tomorrow” says TUT’s Willa de Ruyter.

At the Campus in Pretoria West a small group of students earlier manned the gates and protested in song and dance.

A little while later a police van was prevented from leaving. A police nyala arrived soon afterword infuriating students.

“We don’t want the police here. We are protesting peacefully, they are not needed. They only here to teargas us again like Friday. We don’t want them,” shouts could be heard coming from the crowd.

Rocks and stones were placed underneath the nyala and students demonstrated in front of the police van.

Students have been urged to ignore police and take their protest to the admin building where they want to be addressed by their vice chancellor Lourens van Staaden.

Students here say they are not satisfied with President Jacob Zuma’s announcement last week that there will be no fee increase for next year.

They say this is a drop in the ocean and their other demands and grievances have not yet been met by universities.

Academic work may have been interrupted, but talks between the tertiary institute and students will again be pursued says de Ruyer: “Discussions between management and the CSRC will continue today. Residences will be open and additional security will be in place to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Essential services, including at residences, will continue”.