Alex Mitchley
1 minute read
11 Nov 2013
2:40 pm

WATCH: Man pulls gun on metro cops in road rage incident

Alex Mitchley

Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) are investigating a viral video that shows a man pulling a gun on two metro police during an apparent road rage incident.

A screengrab of the cellphone footage that shows a man pulling a gun on a Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department officer sitting inside his vehicle, in an apparent road rage incident.

The video posted by Public Servant on 7 November, shows the altercation between the man and at least one JMPD officer sitting in a vehicle. It’s unclear what started the fight or where exactly the incident took place.

JMPD spokesman Edna Mamonyane told The Citizen they had been alerted to the video and are investigating the matter to determine the identity of the JMPD official and the unknown man.

The video of the conflict seems to only start midway through the argument. In the video the JMPD member pleads with the man not to take out his firearm to which he responds by saying it is his gun which he uses for protection.

Later in the video the JMPD member threatens to shoot the man.

The unknown man pulls out his firearm, pointing it at the JMPD vehicle, yelling, “Do it, I’ll f**k you up. Do it, I am ready.”

The JMPD officers appear to back down, telling him they will not JMPD take out their guns. The man tells the officers to take down his number plate then returns to his vehicle.

“We have not yet identified the metro officer or the man with the gun,” said Mamonyane.

In the video caption it is claimed the armed man was arrested and identified as a police officer. Mamonyane said these details could not be confirmed.

“We are still in the dark, but we are doing our best to get information,” she said.