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Steenkamps were shot several times

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Griekwastad farmer Deon Steenkamp and his wife Christelle died of multiple bullet wounds, the Northern Cape High Court heard today.

“The head wounds of the man and the woman were probably [caused by] the same weapon,” pathologist Lemaine Fouche of the Northern Cape health department said.

Northern Cape Judge President Frans Kgomo is hearing evidence in the trial of a 17-year-old youth accused of the murders of Northern Cape farmer Deon Steenkamp, 44, his wife Christelle, 43, and daughter Marthella, 14. They were shot on their farm Naauwhoek, near Griekwastad, on April 6, 2012.

The teenager also faces a charge of raping Marthella and defeating the ends of justice.

Prosecutor Hannes Cloete painstakingly took Fouche through her evidence-in-chief as the State’s first witness this week. She described Deon Steenkamp as a big, strong man, saying he was shot three times.

“He lost a lot of blood,” Fouche said.

The farmer had a bullet wound behind the left ear. Fragments of the bullet were found in his brain.

Deon had lacerations on his head, which could have been caused by him being hit with a blunt object such as a revolver.

His wife had a bullet wound in the back. The bullet probably first went through a jacket and grazed the wooden back of a chair before it struck her. She had a bullet wound in the back of her head.

The trial continues.


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