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20 Oct 2015
12:13 pm

Fees Must Fall, End Outsourcing protests continue at UCT


Students and workers at the University of Cape Town (UCT) gathered again on Tuesday protesting fee increment and the outsourcing of labour at the institution.

The #FeesMustFall and #EndOutsourcing protestors make their way to UCT's various campuses and residences. Photo: ANA Reporter.

“This is the most promising campaign since the liberation struggle,” said a member of the academic staff who asked not to be named.

He was discussing the approximately 200 students and workers making their way from UCT’s lower campus, proceeding to the Medical School in Observatory.

Along the way, students demanded the release of Jammie Shuttle drivers who had allegedly been detained for participating in Monday’s protest action.

Jammie Shuttle management, after a heated discussion with students, agreed to release all drivers.

Students then stopped at the Medical School where they regrouped, sang struggle songs and planned the way forward.

The protest was peaceful although one member of the Rhodes Must Fall group threatened students at the Medical Campus saying she would break their phones if they took a photo of her.

Earlier on Monday, roughly 16 students were arrested and taken Rondebosch police station before being released.

They had refused to vacate UCT’s administration building, Bremner, after the university had ordered them to do so.

No students however were charged.

– African News Agency (ANA)