Second model tells court De Villiers kissed, touched her

Second model tells court De Villiers kissed, touched her

A second model on Monday told the High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrates’ Court that agency boss Dawie de Villiers kissed her and touched her between the legs.

Dr Villiers is accused of 38 counts of rape, sexual assault, indecent assault,sexual grooming, possession and accessing of child pornography as well as fraud and theft. The charges date back to 2010.

Last week another model testified that De Villers had raped her after inviting her to the studio for a swimwear photo shoot.

On Monday a 22-year-old woman, who was 15 when the alleged incident occurred, stated that De Villiers asked her to assist him with getting “some things” for a photo shoot from his vehicle at Catwalk in Fourways Mall.

“He was gonna get something from the boot, but he pushed me against the boot and kissed me, it lasted a few seconds then it stopped, he said sorry then went back up,” said the woman.

She said she didn’t tell the other models about the incident because they were “just acquaintances”.

De Villiers’s advocate Jacques Pienaar asked why she didn’t tell her father.

“I was embarrassed and shocked,” she said.

Later Pienaar questioned the witness about the incident when De Villiers touched her inappropriately.

“After I got dressed and I went to sit down … we were the last people who were going to walk so he came to sit next to me. His arms were folded while he was slouching down then he leaned in to talk to me then he touched me with the hand I couldn’t see,” she said.

Pienaar asked the woman what she was wearing.

“A panty with a black corset and I say it wasn’t complete because I was waiting for a jacket,” she said.

The witness said De Villiers said she was a “clever girl” and that she shouldn’t tell her parents.

“I just sat there … then got up and walked to another section of the building,” she said.

Earlier Pienaar pointed out that there was missing information in her second statement.

“This statement doesn’t say anything about him kissing you and touching you in between your legs,” Pienaar said.

“Yes,” the woman said.

Pienaar then put it to the witness that she had not made a previous statement like she said she did.

Pienaar stated that De Villiers would testify that he was arrested on the 26 September 2009 because of the allegations that were made by her.

“The allegations were that you alleged that he asked you to swim with him naked,” Pienaar said.

“I do recall something like that about that scenario,” she said.

“It was some of the messages he sent me on mxit, he said I must wear loose clothing with nothing underneath, there will be no one at home so we can skinny dip” she said.

Pienaar stated that he had an issue with the information given by the witness not being in the statement that was made to the police.

Pienaar presented an article to the court out of the Beeld news paper in 2009, that stated that De Villiers had asked the witness to swim naked in addition to SMSes that he had sent to her hence he was arrested.

The woman stated that her father was interested in buying a part of De Villiers’s company and that’s how she knew him.

Pienaar stated that De Villiers would deny kissing the woman as well as touching her inner leg.

“He is lying,” she said.

The trial continues.

– African News Agency (ANA)


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