Ilse de Lange
2 minute read
15 Oct 2015
5:00 am

Krejcir would do anything to escape, court hears

Ilse de Lange

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir was "a very naughty boy who hides things everywhere" and would do anything to escape, correctional services has told the High Court in Pretoria.

Krejcir has approached the court for the access to a urologist, oncologist, dentist and medication prescribed by his psychiatrist.

He also asked for an order to enable him to consult privately with his legal team and to get back his television set and gym equipment and wants the diaries and documents found in his cell sealed for his legal team to determine if it was privileged. Krejcir complained that he was not getting medication for depression, anxiety and insomnia. He had suicidal thoughts and his psychiatrist recommended contact with other inmates, but he was being kept in isolation with sentenced prisoners.

Krejcir was on Saturday examined by two medial doctors after alleging that he had been assaulted and electrocuted at the Zonderwater prison but reports by both doctors said they could find no evidence of such an assault.

Counsel for the police and correctional services, Marumo Moerane SC, argued that Krejcir had been sentenced to long term imprisonment in the Czech republic, but escaped from custody and fled to the Sychelles, where an extradition application was pending when he fled to South Africa with a false passport under a false name.

He was recently convicted of kidnapping, attempted murder and drug dealing, but is still awaiting his sentence.

Moerane said when Krejcir’s cell was searched in September after a tip-off about a planned escape, a pocket knife, 9mm pistol with a live round and magazine inside, another magazine, four cellphones, two hacksaw blades, six cellphone cards, memory sticks and a screwdriver were found.

Some of the items were hidden in his gym equipment.

As recently as Tuesday, a further search of his cell discovered a cellphone, seven cellphone batteries and two sim cards hidden in a frying pan, water kettle, stuck to the inside of a locker and inside a multi plug. The frying pan had earlier been confiscated, but was returned to him.

The diaries and documents found in his cell contained plans of an escape, photos and sketches of the prison and a place marked where a helicopter could land. These were handed to the police and formed part of a criminal investigation, Moerane said.

“In a nutshell we’re dealing with a dangerous criminal who will take any opportunity to escape.

“It is our duty to see to it that this does not happen,” he argued.

He submitted that Krejcir was very adept at hiding contraband and should not be allowed to be in possession of any items, including a television set and gym equipment, in which he could hide anything.

Judge Joseph Raulinga reserved judgment in the application.