Clinton Moodley
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7 Nov 2013
6:00 am

Five year-old dies after swallowing fireworks

Clinton Moodley

A five-year-old boy died in hospital yesterday morning after he allegedly consumed fireworks on Diwali.

FILE PICTURE: Fireworks. Picture: Michel Bega

According to the family of Tyreece Jordan Naicker, the incident unfolded while Tyreece was with his friends in Chatsworth, Durban.

Family spokesman and uncle of the deceased, Pastor Ronnie Dorasamy Naicker, said that the family can’t come to terms with their son’s death. According to Naicker, the incident happened at around 11am on Sunday morning.

He was taken to hospital on Monday, the spokesman of the RK Khan Hospital in Chatsworth, Kamla Chetty, said.

“The child was ill, lethargic and confused,” Chetty said, adding the victim also had a high temperature. “The history given by the mum was that the child ingested an unknown quantity of fireworks on Saturday.

“The type of firework was described as the ‘Rubbing Band’. Early yesterday morning his condition deteriorated, despite all the efforts to stabilise him. The cause of death will only be determined after the post-mortem.”

She added that there were several other firework-related incidents reported to the hospital. She said these include a 36-year-old man, who sustained burns to his forearm and a 31-year-old man who sustained burns to his face, chest, left arm and thumb.

Tyreece Jordan Naicker. Picture: Supplied

Tyreece Jordan Naicker. Picture: Supplied

According to Naicker, Tyreece’s mother, Michelle, had gone to the shop while his father, Clive, was at home with the four children. “During this time, Tyreece was playing in the yard with his friends.

“Little did the family realise that he had consumed fireworks until his mother arrived home and he informed her that he had eaten fireworks. He vomited and was then back to his normal self,” said Naicker.

The following day, at 11am, he received a call from Tyreece’s parents, who said that their son needed to be rushed to hospital.

“According to his parents, that morning he was drowsy and sleepy and showed various other symptoms. His death has come as a shock to us and the community. We want to advise other parents to be extra careful especially during the festive season,” Naicker said.

He said little Tyreece, who was a Grade R pupil, had a number of goals that he wished to accomplish, which included being a pastor just like his uncle.

When asked what he thought about fireworks, a distraught Naicker, said: “I am not against the religious celebrations of Diwali, but rather the misuse of fireworks.

“It is essential that adult supervision is exercised at all times.”