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5 Nov 2013
12:07 pm

Sewage spills into Milnerton lagoon

A pipe collapse has caused a sewage spill into the Milnerton lagoon, the City of Cape Town said today.

Sewer pipe stock photo. Image courtesy stock.xchnge

“The city’s water and sanitation department has been working tirelessly over the last few days to fix the bulk sewer pipe which conveys sewage to the Koeberg pump station,” said mayoral committee member Ernest Sonnenberg.

“Seven weeks ago, a city-appointed contractor started repairs and the construction of a temporary pump station in order to upgrade the infrastructure, therefore reducing the risk of spills,” he said.

On Thursday, during construction of the last section of the new pipeline, the stormwater canal flooded the site after a storm.

“This in turn caused sand to be washed into the pipe and into the Koeberg pump station… the station could not pump at full capacity, causing flooding and spillage at the pump station during peak periods.”

He said to minimise the harmful effect of the spillage to residents and the environment, the stormwater canal and areas where the spillage occurred were being treated with enzymes to improve the quality of the water.

“This will continue until the samples of the water improve in quality. A number of measures to minimise the effects of the spill have been put in place.”

He said all recreational activities in the affected areas were prohibited until further notice.