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5 Nov 2013
9:38 am

Crime fighter’s son killed by mob – report

A father was patrolling one side of Khutsong on the West Rand when a mob attacked and killed his son in another section during a wave of killings.

Remains of broken and burnt out shacks are seen in Khutsong on the West Rand, 4 November 2013. Six people including a Sangoma have been killed since the weekend, two of the victims were reported to be necklaced. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

The Khutsong crime fighter’s son was accused of being a criminal and burnt alive with a friend at the weekend, The Star newspaper reported today.

Simon Khumalo and his other son Desmond had joined other patrollers who were going around the township looking for members of the Casanova gang said to be terrorising the community, the publication reported.

Khumalo’s son Akhona, 24, and a friend Mojalefa Maleho, 23, had fled the sight of an approaching mob singing and brandishing weapons.

They knocked on the door of Liziwe Mbaxa of Extension Three who had locked herself inside the house after seeing the mob. She did not open.

They hid in the house next door where the mob discovered them.

Mbaxa told the newspaper that she saw the mob dragging the two and beating them up.

“After beating them, they sent someone to go buy paraffin and doused them with it, put a tyre on them and set them alight,” she told the publication.

Khumalo was at the other end of the township at the time, and had been among people gathered at a local stadium to discuss crime.

He said he does not think he would be involved in crime prevention strategies again.

“If they trusted me, they would have told me that my child was on the list of people they were looking for. They did not even tell me they had killed him, I only arrived here to find ashes,” he told the newspaper.

Six people accused of gangsterism were burnt and killed in the township over the weekend. No arrests have been made.