Corruption manifests itself in all aspects of life – Anglican Dean

Corruption manifests itself in all aspects of life – Anglican Dean

The impact of corruption was felt far beyond the political or business arenas, affecting South Africans in every sphere of life, said the Dean of St. George’s Cathedral in Cape Town the Very Reverend Michael Weeder on Wednesday.

“Corruption affects us on very basic levels such as the quality of life, the quality of our food, and our safety,” said Weeder.

“It touches every aspect of our lives.”

Weeder was participating in the Unite Against Corruption march in Cape Town on Wednesday along with hundreds of other protestors. Similar marches were taking place simultaneously in Durban and Johannesburg.

Marchers in Cape Town made their way from Keizersgracht Street in Cape Town to Parliament demanding action be taken against corruption.

“As soon as you cause people to lose hope, you are implementing a judgement upon yourself,” he said.

Other protestors echoed Weeder’s sentiments, chanting “Down with corruption, down!” while others made their dissatisfaction with government action against corrupt individuals clear.

“No. 1 is above the law” was one of the messages written on a placard, accompanied by a stencil of President Jacob Zuma’s face.

“End lies and corruption, Lonmin must pay” read another while “Enough is enough” sprawled across many other boards.

Another protestor Warren Lodge, part of an organisation running an online platform for South Africans to report corruption called Expose It, said he had to be at the march because crime affected every aspect of his life.

“I am here today because I am standing up against corruption,” he said.

“It affects society, it affects the economy, and I am saying: ‘No more!’.”


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