Python caught swallowing goat

Python caught swallowing goat

A huge python has been found eating a fully-grown goat near Ezakheni, KwaZulu-Natal.

The massive snake had already begun to constrict the goat to ready it for consumption, Ladysmith Gazette reported.

The snake and its prey were found on a rocky mountain-face by residents of the area on Tuesday.

In a separate incident, an eight-month-old dog was killed by a python on the eastern boundary of Seaward Estate in Ballito, Dolphin Coast in KwaZulu-Natal early this year.

Joe Reeler from Seaward Estate said the dog was outside of the boundary fence when it was unfortunately caught by the python.

Specialised Rescue Unit (SRU) arrived on the scene to find that the python wrapped himself around the dog.

“When we got there, a python was wrapped around the eight-month-old Beagle and was very defensive of its capture,” said Carmen Power from the SRU.

The SRU contacted Neville Wolmarans from Ndlondlo Reptile Park as the snake would need to be captured and relocated safely.

Power added that due to the size of the python, a team of at least four people were needed to safely capture and contain the python with no injuries to the animal or person.

“After a few intense minutes, the snake was captured and the puppy was retrieved. Unfortunately the poor puppy had passed away and there was nothing further anyone could do to save her,” said Power.

Early this month, a dead python was found in the roof of a Horizon View house in Roodepoort, on the West Rand.

The homeowner, Mona Louw, said the smell caused by the python invited unwanted blowflies to their house for two weeks.

“At first I thought the smell stems from dead rats that could be in the roof, so it was really a shocker when we discovered it was a snake,” Mona said.

In the video, the snake is seen lying on the ground.

– Caxton News Service


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