VIDEO: Woman confronts four men in road rage incident

VIDEO: Woman confronts four men in road rage incident

An alleged road rage incident was caught on video when a woman was captured confronting men in the streets of Johannesburg at the weekend.

The video, posted to YouTube on Sunday by MosChannel, shows a woman engaging in a heated argument with four men on the street, Rekord Centurion reported.

The woman is seen shouting and pushing some of the men who look like they are trying to contain the situation.

During all of this, the woman goes to her car, takes out a knob-kierrie and seemingly threatens to use it on the men.

The altercation happened at Maboneng precinct, Johannesburg on Sunday afternoon.

Johan Maritz, who recorded the video, said he was sitting on the balcony of his apartment when he noticed the woman standing face-to-face with one of the men.

“At first I thought they were kissing so I decided to take a video, but I soon realised they were actually in an argument,” Maritz explained.

Maritz does not know how the argument started but said he thought the car guard (also seen on the video) could have been at fault.

“He [car guard] sometimes directs motorists in and out of parking areas without looking for oncoming traffic.” he said.

– Caxton News Service


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