Krejcir death threat ‘crossed a line’

Krejcir death threat ‘crossed a line’

Forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan crossed a line when he threatened to kill Radovan Krejcir on sight, a criminal law expert said yesterday.

“To make a bald statement that you will shoot someone on sight because he has escaped – you’ve definitely crossed a line,” said criminal defence attorney Cliff Alexander. He was reacting to a weekend threat by forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan that he would shoot convicted criminal Radovan Krejcir “on sight” if he escaped from prison.

“Your life has to be in immediate and imminent danger before you can shoot in self-defence,” said Alexander. A firearm, knife, prison uniform and cellphones were discovered in Krejcir’s cell in a raid on Saturday night.

“Krejcir would have fired his way out of prison if necessary, assisted by corrupt prison warders and some inmates,” national police spokesperson LieutenantGeneral Solomon Makgale said on Sunday night.

“Luxury vehicles were already lined up to take him to a waiting chopper to fly him out of the country. But our crime intelligence was steps ahead and prison officials found a 9mm pistol – privately owned by someone who died in 1999 – six SIM cards and four cellphones.”

These items were stashed inside a panel of Krejcir’s treadmill. A furious O’Sullivan fired off an e-mail to Krejcir’s attorneys on Sunday, saying: “I hereby give notice of my intention to shoot Krejcir, on sight, to death, should he ever succeed in escaping from prison, as it is clear the department of correctional services are no longer fit forthe purpose and put the lives of honest South Africans, such as myself, at risk by theirinstitutionalised corruption.”

In his defence, O’Sullivan said he was aware of at least eight attempts to kill him. “Why should I have to sit and wait for his evil killers every night and day? Why can I not take steps to remove this evil once and for all, since the corrupt government are incapable of doing so?”

O’Sullivan said if government could not control evil, “because of the unacceptable levels of corruption that go to the top of the police, government and the department of correctional services, I will control it myself and will call for all South Africans to support me. I will use all the skills I have and all the resources at my disposal to ensure that he is dead within 24 hours of his escape.”

Next month Krejcir and several others will go on trial for the alleged murder of debt collector Phumlani Ncube, who was gunned down last year, and for conspiracy to murder Colonel Nkosana Ximba and O’Sullivan – both of whom were investigating Krejcir at the time.


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