Christo Vermaak
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17 Sep 2015
12:27 pm

Axe attacker threatens to kill, eat singer and crew

Christo Vermaak

Afrikaans singer Joe Foster and his film crew were threatened with their lives on the disused railway line at the old railway station in Knysna, Western Cape, while filming a music video.

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During the ordeal, which took place earlier this month, the alleged attacker also threatened to “kill and eat” the crew of five, Knysna-Plett Herald reported.

According to songwriter and Foster collaborator Johan Venter, the crew were prepping a scene at the old station when the incident happened.

“Suddenly an unidentified man made his appearance, [he] seemed to be of no sound mind!” he said.

According to Venter the man suddenly started accusing the director and producer of wrecking his home and dirtying the tracks, which he was supposedly cleaning for the train to run on.

“It was explained that the train was not running and that the group had no intention of intruding on anybody’s private property or of making trouble. The man lost his temper.

“Since the public has access to the train station we had no idea what this man was talking about or that we were breaking any rules,” said Venter.

Venter added the group tried to calm the man, not knowing why he was so upset.

The man threatened the group with violence if they didn’t leave. He then disappeared into one of the abandoned train carriages and reappeared with an axe.

The man then allegedly followed the group to their parked cars, shouting that he would follow them home, and allegedly told Foster he would kill him and eat him.

Neither Foster nor any member of the group have opened a case with the police since it was not known who the man was and whether he was in fact staying in the broken-down train carriage.

– Caxton News Service