CNS Reporter/Shiraz Habbib
1 minute read
17 Sep 2015
12:45 pm

Huge python caught near KZN construction site

CNS Reporter/Shiraz Habbib

A massive Southern African rock python was rescued from Izinga Park near Herrwood Drive in KwaZulu-Natal, yesterday.

The 3.8-metre-long reptile, estimated to be heavier than 30kg, was rescued by a local man, Jason Arnold, after it was discovered last Friday by workers at the housing estate which is currently under development, Northglen News reported.

The rock python is Africa’s largest snake and is found in a variety of habitats, including forests and near water sources.

“The resident was concerned for the snake and his workers’ safety. I had been back to the site since it was spotted since last Friday but I was not able to capture [the snake]. When I spotted the snake today, she had managed to anchor her tail in a thicket of debris near the construction site,” added Arnold.

“While the rescue only took about seven minutes, it was by far most strenuous rescue. It didn’t take long to get her into a bag, but it was the most tiring rescue,” he said.

The massive reptile will now be relocated to a reserve.

In a separate incident, a dead python was found in the roof of a house in Roodepoort, on the West Rand, earlier this month.

Homeowner, Mona Louw, said the smell caused by the python invited unwanted blowflies to their house for two weeks.

“At first I thought the smell stems from dead rats that could be in the roof, so it was really a shocker when we discovered it was a snake,” Louw said.

In the video, the snake is seen lying on the ground.

Snake expert, Darryn Rogers said pythons are not necessarily aggressive and venomous.

“Pythons do not bite but squeeze their prey to death. The roof is the warmest place in a house, which is why any snake would choose to reside there,” he said.

– Caxton News Service