Valeska Abreu
2 minute read
17 Sep 2015
5:00 am

‘My father raped and molested me’ – victim

Valeska Abreu

Two family members of a man accused of rape, sexual assault and producing and distributing child pornography have now laid charges against him.

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The man, 56, yesterday told the Pretoria Magistrates’ Court he was not a sexual monster. “I just want to go home so I can look after my wife and provide for her. I will come back to court. If there are any charges of the same nature you can lock me up, I won’t fight it. I’m not a child molester,” he said.

Moments later State Prosecutor Paul du Plessis placed it on record that the man’s daughter and his nephew’s daughter had come forward claiming he raped and molested them as children. He is accused along with “his girlfriend” who faces the same charges. They were arrested three weeks ago as part of Operation Cloud 9 investigating child pornography syndicates.

The man’s nephew, who was also arrested at the time, has now turned State witness. None of the accused can be named in accordance with the Child Protection Act. The bail application then proceeded yesterday, with the man testifying in his defence and providing exceptional circumstances as to why he should release.

His girlfriend chose to abandon her bail application for now. The man then took to the stand yesterday to testify in his defence and to provide exceptional circumstances as to why he should be released on bail. He told the court he was the bread-winner, looking after his sick wife and elderly father and he was the owner of a company which provided contract services to a beverages company.

The man said he had asked his lover for naked pictures of herself which she did send but soon afterwards she started sending pictures of naked minor girls. “I was shocked and showed my nephew, then deleted the pictures.” Du Plessis questioned why he kept returning to the woman’s house after feeling “shocked and appalled” by the pictures she had allegedly sent him of the children.

He added that the man had not provided the court with exceptional circumstances, warranting his release on bail. The man’s wife and father are expected to testify tomorrow when the case continues.