Police officers accused of rape kept in custody

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Diego Grez)

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (Diego Grez)

The Durban policeman accused of raping one of his daughters and sexually assaulting another yesterday applied for bail at the Ntunzuma Magistrate’s Court alongside a colleague who is accused of raping his neighbour.

The two officers, who cannot be identified because their alleged victims are minors, were remanded in custody pending the outcome of their bail applications.

Earlier this month, staff from the social department removed two girls, aged 16 and 15, from their home after their policeman father was arrested for sexually molesting them.

According to the police docket, the oldest daughter alleged her father began raping her last year while the youngest claimed that he started molesting her in March this year.

In the second policeman’s case, a 17-year-old girl alleged that he accosted her on the evening of October 12 and forced her into his car.

He allegedly dragged her into a nearby bush where he beat her up then raped her. The girl, who is the policeman’s neighbour, said he did not use a condom.

The investigating officer, Aaron Gamele, who opposed bail, said the fact that the policeman is the girl’s neighbour meant that she would not feel safe if he was released on bail.

“He assaulted her and she would be scared that he might hit her again. The complainant was injured on her head and face,” Gamela said.

Bail application hearings on both matters continue.

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