Lekota slates ‘ridiculous’ court bid to stop Boks

FILE PICTURE: Mosiuoa Lekota from COPE. Picture: Neil McCartney

FILE PICTURE: Mosiuoa Lekota from COPE. Picture: Neil McCartney

The president and leader of the Congress of the People (Cope) Mosiuoa Lekota, rubbished an attempt to stop the Springboks from going to the Rugby World Cup due to a lack of transformation.

“Everyone must support the national team, the World Cup is not about transformation, the World Cup is about who has the best 15 rugby players among the nations of the world,” said Lekota. “We are not going to be debating transformation there.”

Lekota’s comments follow on the back of a panel discussion hosted in Cape Town on Wednesday evening highlighting the problems that transformation faces. This after a political party, Agency for New Agenda (ANA), filed a court bid to stop the Springboks from competing in the Rugby World Cup. The bid was abandoned on Wednesday.

“The message of that meeting, as I understood it, was that the transformation process cannot take place at the level of national teams or even provincial teams. We need to start at community level,” said Lekota.

He said for transformation to thrive, the sports facilities in the communities must be upgraded and the schools must appoint professionals who can then groom the children from those early stages.

“In these poor, poor black communities where children starve and some of them have a meal once a day, you can’t expect them to grow into robust players.

“Because without that foundation there is simply no way you can produce competent sportspersons who can represent you effectively at a national level.”

Commenting on the now abandoned court bid to stop the Boks from competing at the World Cup, Lekota said it was ridiculous. “This whole thing of going to the courts and saying the courts must stop the Boks is really ridiculous in my view; it’s absolutely ridiculous.”


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