VIDEO: Bag thief caught by mall security

VIDEO: Bag thief caught by mall security

An alleged thief was arrested after he was caught on camera calmly stealing a backpack from a vehicle in The Grove Mall parking area in Pretoria.

CCTV footage shows the man breaking into a Toyota Hilux a few minutes earlier. He then reaches into the vehicle and steals the backpack before sauntering off without any hurry, clearly thinking that no one had noticed his crime, Rekord East reported.

As he leaves the parking area, alert security guards chase after him, ripping the backpack from him.

The man eventually slips free from the security guard’s grip. They continued chasing the suspect and cornered him before calling police.

The mall’s marketing manager Pierre Botha said: “We would like to assure our shoppers that their safety is a top priority and that all practical steps are taken to ensure that a high standard of security is maintained at the mall.”

“The Grove Mall would like to thank police for the prompt reaction and the public for their support on social media,” he said.

In a separate incident, a case of business burglary was opened after two suspects were caught on camera stealing a Samsung computer screen from a shopping centre in Kempton Park, on the East Rand.

The footage, captured on Kempton Square’s CCTV cameras, shows the two suspects walking inside the parking lot of the shopping centre.

In the footage captured early this year, the suspects are seen walking past a security booth. One of the suspects is seen carrying a backpack, looking inside the booth. Shortly afterwards, the suspects come back, and the one carrying a backpack is seen reaching inside the booth while his accomplice keeps watch. The suspects are then seen leaving the parking lot after putting the computer screen inside the backpack.

– Caxton News Service


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