Man injured in Western Cape shoot-out

Man injured in Western Cape shoot-out

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A young man was injured in a shoot-out after being found with stolen possessions in the Western Cape.

Spokesperson Captain Frederick Van Wyk said the incident occurred Monday evening in Browns Farm, Nyanga. “The 19-year-old and his seven accomplices were approached by police after they allegedly robbed a house,” he said.

Van Wyk said the men loaded appliances and a bag containing a soccer kit, cell phone and other items in a light delivery vehicle that they allegedly hijacked in Lower Crossroads on Monday evening.

“The perpetrators attempted to hijack another vehicle minutes after they robbed the house, but this was obstructed when the police arrived on the scene to respond to a house robbery complaint.”

A shoot-out ensued as the men were trying to flee but one was injured and is in hospital under police guard, Van Wyk said.

“His accomplices managed to flee from the scene and is still at large.”

The man is expected to appear in court when he is discharged from hospital on charges of hijacking, possession of stolen vehicle and stolen property as well as house robbery.

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