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24 Aug 2015
10:33 am

Fisherman still missing after going overboard in PE


A fisherman went missing after going overboard the vessel ELKE-M, in Port Elizabeth, said the National Sea Rescue Institute said on Monday.

FILE PICTURE: Fishing boat. Picture courtesy of Wikimedia.

NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon said the incident was reported at around 3.30pm on Sunday afternoon and occurred 40 nautical miles South West of Cape Recife.

“It appears that the fisherman, reported to not be wearing a life-jacket, was noticed to be missing at 2pm and was believed to have last been seen on board at approximately 12pm and he is believed to be missing overboard.”

Lambinon said that Maritime Authorities were alerted at 2.36pm.

“The fishing vessel SANDILE conducted a search but no sign of the fisherman was found.”

In another incident in Richards Bay, a seal was found injured on the beach on Sunday at 3.30pm, at the 5 Mile Beach.

NSRI spokesperson Dorian Robertson said: “Calls to animal agencies had yielded no assistance and the bystanders appealed to the NSRI for help.”

Robertson said seals were not normally found in Richards Bay and the NSRI sent volunteers to investigate and what was believed to be a Cape Fur Seal that was found on the beach.

“With the seal appearing to be dehydrated and hypothermic, NSRI attempted to rally support from official animal agencies and vets in the area and after these attempts failed the uShaka Marine World, Durban, were contacted and although they confirmed that they could assist the seal would have to be brought to Durban.”

NSRI Richards Bay volunteers, using one of their volunteers private bakkies, loaded the seal onto the back of the bakkie and transported the seal, Robertson said.

“In the care of NSRI Richards Bay volunteer crew comforting the seal wrapped in blankets on the back of the bakkie, and the seal was transported the 200km to uShaka Marine World in Durban where vets were on stand-by to receive the seal.”

Robertson said it was confirmed that the seal was dehydrated and hypothermic and vets were able to feed the seal a milk lactate.

“They begin a re-warming process but NSRI Richards Bay were informed on Monday morning that despite all of the efforts made that sadly during the night the seal had passed away.”

It is unknown what led to the seal being so far North in an area where seals are not normally found.