ANC ‘happy’ with Twitter campaign

The African National Congress was happy on Tuesday about a campaign on Twitter aimed at highlighting its achievements, despite mockery by some users.

“People who are happy with what the party has done so far are tweeting about those successes. Understandably, there are people who are unhappy as well…. We believe that the campaign is a success,” said spokeswoman Khusela Sangoni-Khawe.

African National Congress spokesman Jackson Mthembu started the campaign, called ‘ProudlyBroughtBytheANC’, in retaliation to billboards put up by the Democratic Alliance along Johannesburg highways.

Those billboards read: ‘E-tolls. Proudly brought to you by the ANC.’

Mthembu tweeted his party’s achievements, which included the provision of housing, the guarantee of human rights and the constitutional right of all parties to campaign freely.

Some users retaliated and posted derisory comments about the ANC, while others tackled corruption, service delivery problems and the education system.

They also mocked President Jacob Zuma’s leadership and that of his Cabinet.

Zuma’s Nkandla homestead, the Gupta family aircraft debacle and the Marikana miners’ shootings featured in most posts.

Sangoni-Khawe said the party was noting the concerns raised by users as far as the ANC government was concerned.



Proudly brought to you by the ANC…

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