UPDATE: Kempton Park baby kidnapping a hoax – police

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The baby reportedly kidnapped during a break-in at a Kempton Park West home has been found in the arms of his biological mother.

On Tuesday, police said were investigating a case of house robbery and kidnapping after five people allegedly broke into the home of Julius Ubisi and his girlfriend in the east of Johannesburg on Monday night. Both the girlfriend and her mother were tied up and the people supposedly then fled with 13-day-old baby Jaden Ubisi, his clothes and the wife’s cellphone.

When Ubisi arrived home at 10pm he untied the pair and called the police. According to Constable Sharon Mahamba there were no signs of forced entry.

However, it turns out the ‘kidnapping’ never happened.

Police spokeswoman Lt Col Katlego Mogale said an intensive investigation had tracked the baby to Witbank, in Mpumalanga. He was with his biological mother.

“We discovered the girlfriend of Julius Ubisi had lied to the police and made the whole story of the kidnapping up,” Mogale said.

According to the police, the 42-year-old girlfriend of Ubisi had fallen pregnant in December 2012. “Then in February she had a miscarriage. She was allegedly afraid to tell Ubisi and made a plan with her niece, who was also pregnant, that she would raise the baby,” said police spokeswoman Constable Sharon Mahamba.

Allegedly the girlfriend’s niece agreed to the plan. “The baby was born on 3 June. When the girlfriends time to give birth she went to her niece in Mpumalanga on 25 September. She told Ubisi she was having labour pains and when she returned home on 1 October, she had a baby with her.”

Mahamba said the ‘father’ was apparently very happy and did not notice anything amiss as the by now four-month-old baby was quite small for its age.

Ubisi’s girlfriends plan began to unravel when her niece said she couldn’t live without her baby, and she wanted her little boy back. The baby was duly handed back to his mother unharmed and when Ubisi’s girlfriend arrived home, she set up the kidnapping hoax.

Police have arrested Ubisi’s girlfriend for perjury and are investigating the incident, including why the child had been separated from his biological mother.

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