NYDA launches “Down with nyaope” campaign



The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) launched its “Down with nyaope” campaign in Mamelodi, Pretoria, on Saturday.

The campaign was intended to curb the spread of addiction and “hopelessness” in communities around the country, starting in Mamelodi, the NYDA said in a statement.

“Harsh warnings were issued to youth about the dangers of drug abuse, while alternatives such as sport, recreation, education, and skills development were presented.”

“Every family or household in Mamelodi East has a nyaope user; many of them schoolchildren,” NYDA chairman Yershen Pillay said.

“Nyaope is an evil turning our friends, brothers, sisters, and cousins into hardened criminals, willing to steal and beg for their next fix.

“Children as young as six and seven years old are being bullied and abused and turned into addicts,” he said.

According to the the NYDA, nyaope is a “toxic concoction which is a mixture of dagga or weed and heroin” and was believed to have originated in Mamelodi before it spread to communities around the country.

“We want to offer youth an alternative to drug abuse like skills development, education, or entrepreneurship.

“As the NYDA we are all about second chances and urge all young people to make use of the SANCA [SA National Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence] second chance treatment, rehabilitation, and skills development centre in Mamelodi.

“Nyaope must fall and youth need to be at the fore[front] of leading the war against this social scourge,” said Pillay.


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