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19 Sep 2013
3:28 pm

Most feared crime up – FFPlus

South Africans have reason to feel unsafe because the most feared crime - robberies at residential homes - showed an increase, the FFPlus said on Thursday.

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“It is precisely at one’s home and on the way to work where people want to feel safe. The public therefore has reason to feel unsafe and is experiencing crime to be increasing,” said Freedom Front Plus spokesman Pieter Groenewald.

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa released the 2012/13 crime statistics in Pretoria on Thursday.

He said the number of aggravated robberies increased by 1,2 percent in the past financial year, residential burglaries by 3,3 percent, and non-residential burglaries by 1,7 percent.

Common robbery decreased by 2,2 percent over the reporting period.

Groenewald said the party was also worried that there were only 352 513 successful prosecutions for the 1 833 775 serious crimes reported,

“It is only a 19 percent successful prosecution rate. This means that the criminal justice system in South Africa has serious defects and is failing the public,” he said.

“Murder has increased by 0,6 percent, but the fact that 16 259 people are murdered, means that there is a five times more likely chance for a person to be murdered in South Africa than anywhere else in the world, where the average is six for every 100 000 people.”

He said the fact that attempted murder had increased by 6,5 percent meant that South Africa remained dangerous.

The FFPlus welcomed the decline in crimes against women and children.