Amanda Watson
News Editor
1 minute read
19 Sep 2013
6:30 am

Crime eye in Johannesburg’s sky gets wider

Amanda Watson

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department now has four CCTV cameras in Crown City, following its successful deployment of about 240 cameras in hotspots around the city.

Brigadier Zwelibanzi Nyanda during a press event at Penmore towers in the Johannesburg CBD, 18 September 2013 to announce a partnership between the JMPD, Edcon and Gold Reef City in which the Metro Police will be supplied vehicles and cameras to help curb crime in the Crown area. Picture: Neil McCartney.

The new cameras were bought with a donation from Edcon and Gold Reef City, which also donated two marked metro police vehicles.

Edcon chief operating officer Dr Urin Ferndale said the new partnership between the police and the companies was grounded in the philosophy of preventative policing.

“The link between CCTV and patrol vehicles has been successfully demonstrated in other parts of the city. Preventative policing has been proven many times over to ensure the safety of not only our customers, employees and neighbouring businesses, but our immediate community.

“Its absolute advantage is that it not only ensures the safety of our people, but it also trumps punishment as a deterrent and therefore reduces the cost of an already overburdened criminal justice system.”

Edcon and Goldreef have invested about R3 million into the cameras and vehicles. The number of cameras would be exanded from four to 40 in future. “We provide hardware and police supply the officers,” said Ferndale. While the group already employs private security, the community wanted professional police services. “Without hardware the police cannot help and this makes them available to everyone.”

Metro Police Chief Zwelibanzi Nyanda said businesses need to be safe to operate. “I hope this goes out to the public and other business in the city so they also come to the party and assist us to tackle safety and security in our city.”