Cape Town spends R16m on flood relief

Image courtesy stock.xchng

Image courtesy stock.xchng

The City of Cape Town has spent nearly R16 million since August to help people affected by storms and floods, it said on Monday.

“Since August, 204,206 residents have been affected by flooding caused by the severe weather,” city spokesman Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said in a statement.

“The number of flood victims who have been helped by the city since August is nearing 160,000.”

He said more people were helped during bad weather conditions at the weekend.

“The city provided flood relief to more than 400 residents over the weekend, restored electricity connections, and cleared roads affected by the inclement weather.”

He said 60 houses were affected by floods in the low-lying area of Khayelitsha. Hot meals and blankets were provided to the displaced.

The Lotus Park informal settlement was waterlogged and the city provided sand to the area, Solomons-Johannes said.


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