Home Affairs to probe ANN7 visas

The Department of Home Affairs has reportedly launched an investigation into visa irregularities at 24-hour news channel Africa News Network 7 (ANN7).

So far, seven staff members have been confirmed to have entered the country on visitor visas, which prohibit people from seeking employment, Eyewitness News reported.

ANN7 management brought in about two dozen production professionals from its Indian shareholder to help get the channel off the ground.

Former ANN7 consulting editor Rajesh Sundaram has made allegations of widespread visa irregularities when he left the country earlier this month. Sundaram said his colleagues who joined him from India did not have the required documentation to work in South Africa.

However, the company that owns ANN7, Infinity Media maintains all paperwork is in order.

Home Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa told EWN that ANN7 management will be questioned and an investigation will take place.

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