ANN7 Indian employees on “holiday”

The claims of former ANN7 consulting editor Rajesh Sundaram that many of the new Gupta-funded news channel’s employees aren’t legally allowed to work in the country is ringing true.

Earlier this month, Sundaram controversially put the channel’s integrity in jeopardy when, following his resignation, he claimed to have been present at meetings with SA President Jacob Zuma to discuss his agreement with the affluent Guptas that ANN7 news will be pro-ANC.

Prior to his departure from South Africa early in September, Sundaram “made allegations of widespread visa irregularities”, prompting Eyewitness News (EWN) to investigate the claims.

Sundaram alleged that many of the around two dozen employees sourced from the Gupta’s parent company, Infinity Media, who were brought here to help establish the channel, do not have the necessary documentation to work in the country. He also said that pressure was being piled onto New Delhi High Commission officials to process the required visas.

Amidst resolute insistence from ANN7 that these allegations are completely untrue, EWN is reporting that the “Home Affairs immigration database lists four Indian ANN7 employees who stated ‘holiday’ as their reason for being in South Africa”.

And, according to the Director General of Home Affairs, Mkuseli Apleni, they aren’t the only ones. He said: “Seven people have come in on a visitor’s visa, and with this type of visa employment is prohibited.”

EWN reports that Apleni “appeared unaware of a complaint lodged by Sundaram two weeks ago”, but said that they “may” investigate the matter.


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