Ubuntu the way to stop crime

Picture: Tracy Lee Stark.

Picture: Tracy Lee Stark.

The Johannesburg Metro Police Department will continue to do everything in its power to keep the city safe, new police chief Banzi Nyanda says.

Speaking at his induction on Friday, he said: “Policing is not only arresting suspects, writing out

citations and enforcing by-laws. We have a specific responsibility to ensure a stable democracy which is conducive to sound governance and economic growth.”

He said he had formulated a vision for leading the Metro police into the future. “As Umkhonto weSizwe, we used to be outside the government but we were able to mobilise the community, we were able to do things with the community as a liberation movement.

“So why is it now, when we are a statutory body, are we not able to work with our communities? We need to return to ubuntu and community,” said the former MK commander.

A single father with seven children, Nyanda said that together with the JMPD team he would achieve the City of Johannesburg’s vision. “I will turn the Metro into a force that relies on engagement with communities so they play a significant role in ensuring their own safety.”

There would be no place for favouritism, racism, corruption or incompetentence, he added.

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