Steven Tau
2 minute read
12 Aug 2015
9:00 am

Dolly tried to stab me – Sebolai

Steven Tau

Donald Sebolai, accused of stabbing his girlfriend Dolly Tshabalala to death, yesterday told the South Gauteng High Court he believed he provoked her when he told her “she can go to hell”.

FILE PICTURE: Murder-accused Jozi FM DJ, Donald Sebolai. Picture: Alaister Russell

The incident happened at a time when his first-born child was coming to visit him at his Jabulani flat during last year’s mid-year school holidays.

He said an argument between himself and the deceased ensued because she had taken his phone, allegedly saying she wanted to see who he had been talking to while he was in Pretoria on June 28, where he was attending a school shoes campaign.

He said the argument over his phone came up again and he reminded the deceased it was his phone, and said he did not want to lose business because of her.

“While she was in the bedroom, changing into her pyjamas, she continued accusing me of sleeping around and a while later I realised she was getting angry with me when she stormed out of the bedroom, saying she lost her husband and was not prepared to lose me.

“She then grabbed a knife from a wooden knife block and came straight at me, but I said to her whether she likes it or not, she must give me space so I could spend some time with my child,” Sebolai said.

“She tried to stab me, but I moved back onto the couch and when she approached me again, I moved back before pushing her away. I later managed to take the knife from her after squeezing her hand, and placed it on the table,” he said.

“She then fetched a steak knife and charged at me again. I managed to grab her hand, but she had already cut me on my fingers. While I was holding the blade, she kept on twisting it and immediately after I let go, she came back again, attempting to stab me, but she missed,” said Sebolai.

He said while they were struggling, she pulled the knife towards her right thigh. “I was scared when I heard her making some sound, and the next thing, all I could see was blood coming out of her right thigh,” Sebolai said. The trial continues.