Valeska Abreu
1 minute read
12 Aug 2015
11:30 am

Ministerial committee to tackle visa regulations impact

Valeska Abreu

An Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on Immigration Regulations will address the impact and consequences of the new visa regulations which include the need for minor children travelling to have among their documents an unabridged birth certificate.

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While this has been welcomed by the Portfolio Committee on Home Affairs, it has cautioned against any attempt to compromise the security of the country and children.

President Jacob Zuma announced the establishment of the committee in Pretoria yesterday after some concerns.

“We have noted with concern the complaints about the new visa regulations. The IMC will address the unintended consequences of the new immigration regulations on various sectors including tourism and investment,” he said.

The task team will be chaired by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa and will compromise of the Tourism, Home Affairs, Trade and Industry, Social Development and Small Business Development Ministers.

The committee said it viewed the intervention as essential.

“Especially in light of the strong concerns raised by the tourism sector of the economy. The Committee is further appreciative that the matter will be led by the Deputy President, highlighting the significance placed on this matter.”

It said it was hopeful constructive engagements would help in this regard.