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Pastor Lesego ‘cooks’ Mpumalanga man

Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries. Picture:  Rabboni Centre Ministries

Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries. Picture: Rabboni Centre Ministries

With the spotlight on self-proclaimed Pastors, a controversial “Man of God” has claimed that he “cooked” one of his congregants.

A day after the Economic Freedom Fighters torched the tent of a pastor who fed live rodents and snakes to his congregants, Pastor Lesego Daniel of Rabboni Centre Ministries, claimed to have “cooked”a church member.

Infamous for making his congregants drink petrol, Daniel said he “cooked” Charles Tema, a 20-year-old Mpumalanga man, who aspires to be like the pastor.

Although it is not clear what Daniel meant when he said he “cooked” Tema, the church’s Facebook post said that “as the man of God – Pastor Lesego Daniel was busy prophesying; Mr. Charles Tema (20) from KwaNdebele in Mpumalanga went to the front and grabbed the man of God’s legs. ”

Tema is reported to have told the pastor that he wants to be like him, to which the pastor responded: “Look into my eyes and on my back”.

After looking at the pastor in the eyes, the pastor allegedly said: “receive”  and Tema fell to the ground and started rolling.

Charles Tema during the service. Picture: Rabboni Centre Ministries

Charles Tema during the service. Picture: Rabboni Centre Ministries

“As he rolled, Pastor Lesego explained that he was being cooked,” the church said.

Tema says as he was rolling, he could not understand what was happening, but when he stood up, pastor Daniel asked him to look at his back.

“When I looked at the back of the man of God, I started seeing blood coming out. It was like his back was turning red and power overcame me and I then felt vibration all over my body,” said Tema.

“When I looked into the eyes of Pastor Lesego, I turned blind. Everything faded and I could not see anything. Thereafter, I felt as if someone was pulling my head down. Every time I tried looking up I would see the man of God and then gain strength,” Tema added.

On Sunday the EFF and the residents from Soshanguve, North of Pretoria, burned down the tent of controversial pastor of End Times Disciples Ministries, Penuel Mnguni.

This comes after Mnguni fed snakes and rats to members of his church.

Last month Mnguni was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after the SPCA laid a complaint.

At the time the animal rights body said the practice of feeding rodents and snakes to congregants were traumatic to children who attended his church sermons.

However, the charges were provisionally withdrawn pending further police investigations.

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Lesego, who’s reported to be Mnguni’s “mentor”, made headlines last year when he made his congregants drink petrol, claiming that he changed it to pineapple juice.

Lesego also went to an extent of making his congregants eat grass and flowers on October 2014.

His supposed miracle sparked an outrage, with some saying that the fuel and the grass could affect the health of his congregants badly. And despite all the condemnation the pastors get from the public, they seem unfazed.

On a separate incident on November 2014, social media went abuzz with a picture showing women bending with their naked butt exposed on the shores of beach.

It is alleged their pastor asked female congregants to strip naked so that he can kiss their behinds in order for them to find “correct marriage partners”.

Desperate for marriage, the group of women are seen queuing on the beach while the “man of God” kisses their behinds.

However, the EFF has warned that it will deal with bogus preachers who are taking advantage of vulnerable communities to make money.

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