MaNtuli a troublesome wife: Zuma family

First Lady Nompumelelo Zuma addresses the Executive Bureau of the African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM) gathering held at the Union Buildings. (Photo: GCIS)

President Jacob Zuma has been wanting to kick his controversial wife, Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, out of his Nkandla homestead long before the plot to poison him surfaced, the President’s family members revealed yesterday.

“She was a troublesome person who constantly created problems within the family – she did not get along with members of the family – including the other three wives,” a source within Zuma’s Nkandla homestead said.

Asked about claims of Ntuli –Zuma’s involvement in a plot to poison Zuma, the source said while the President had not openly discussed the matter with the family, Ntuli –Zuma’s presence in the family’s homestead had become a security risk.

“She no longer participated in any of the family events and prevented her kids from mixing with the kids of the President’s other three wives. She was behaving more like an enemy than a loving wife,” he said.

On Sunday the City Press published a report claiming that Ntuli-Zuma, who since the beginning of the year had been living in Durban North after being allegedly kicked out of the Nkandla homestead by Zuma, had been recently quizzed by investigators on suspicions that she had been involved in a plot to poison the President.

Even though the Presidency had denied the claims, Zuma is said to have been told by US doctors that his hospitalisation in June last year was as a result of him having been poisoned.

On his return from the US, Zuma is said to have told family members that someone close to him had made an attempt on his life. He then ejected MaNtuli from the homestead a few weeks after breaking the news.
However, Ntuli –Zuma, otherwise known as MaNtuli, denied any knowledge of a plot to poison her husband as reported in the City Press.

While admitting that she had been questioned by investigators over the plot to poison Zuma, she denied having confessed about the existence of such a plot

“Our client has not “crumbled and confessed” to having any knowledge of a plot to poison her husband,” MaNtuli’s lawyer, Ulrich Roux of BDK Attorneys, said.
“We can confirm that no charges have been brought against our client”.

The second of the President’s four wives, MaNtuli is not new to controversy.

In 2012, elders from Zuma’s family are said to have fined her a goat after she had allegedly cheated with one of her bodyguards, Phinda Thomo.Last year, Steven Masunga, a man who claimed to be MaNtuli’s former business associate, was jailed for three months by the Durban Regional Court after he was accused of sending MaNtuli intimidating SMS messages.

Prior to his arrest, Masunga – a Tanzanian national – had e-mailed media houses in Durban telling journalists he had received large sums of money from MaNtuli to buy his silence about Thomo, who died in mysterious circumstances in 2009.

Thomo’s death sparked rumours he took his own life after realising a Durban newspaper was about to publish a story about the affair

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