SANCO elects new leadership in North West

Former North West Finance MEC Paul Sebegoe. Picture: Supplied.

Former North West Finance MEC Paul Sebegoe. Picture: Supplied.

Former North West Finance MEC Paul Sebegoe was re-elected unopposed as the provincial chairman of the South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco), the organisation said on Sunday.

Provincial secretary Packet Seaketso was also re-elected uncontested at the provincial conference in Potchefstroom. In his political report, Sebegoe said despite attempts to destabilise the organisation from within, the outgoing provincial executive committee had since its election, raised the profile of Sanco to become a centre of influence within the politics of the province

“Our gathering here is an emphasis of the urgent need to renew, recognising that renewal is principally about building a people-centred organisation that is transformative and has the ability to adapt to change South Africa so that it can continue to serve and lead the people,” he said.

Sanco has also urged municipalities to improve service delivery to communities and called for unity in its alliance partners. “The strength of each of our alliance partners must be perfected in order for the alliance to be stronger. Only a united alliance can defend the gains of the revolution because it is in action that our unity can be cemented,” Sebegoe said.

“We cannot and must not have an alliance that depends on any individual .In the present context, political education of all members is critical. This, in part, is precipitated by the reality of our organisation having new members who are not groomed in both theory and practice of struggle.”

He said Sanco would not allow itself to be used as voting pawns.

Sanco is an ally of the African National Congress (ANC), SA Communist Party and Congress of SA Trade Unions (Cosatu).


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