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31 Jul 2015
3:01 pm

WARNING: Footage of robbers shooting, killing cop

CNS Reporter

CCTV footage emerged showing police officer being shot and killed in an armed robbery on Monday at Rosettenville Junction Shopping Centre, on the corner Geranium and Main Street, Johannesburg.

One of the suspects has the red dye trailing after him as he flees the scene.

The video, courtesy of Fourways Review, shows suspects shooting the officer in his upper body, who then died on the scene. Seconds before the shooting, the three suspects are seen inside the mall pouring water into a container to mix it with a solvent that, later in the video, releases what seems to be red dye.

The 60-year-old police officer, seemingly unarmed, walks into the robbery and up to the suspects. One man, previously seen on crutches, then grabs and starts wrestling with the officer. Another suspect comes out from behind a pillar and fires at the deceased.

When he fell he was shot again twice in the upper body, according to Johannesburg metro police spokesperson Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar.

WARNING: Not suitable for sensitive viewers:

“The suspects fled with the cash box, however red dye came from the cash box as it exploded as they ran. They continued holding onto the box as they fled,” Minnaar added.

– Caxton News Service