Marizka Coetzer
2 minute read
31 Jul 2015
12:55 pm

Mentally ill woman found naked inside mall bathroom

Marizka Coetzer

A woman locked herself naked in a public bathroom and refused to come out at the Key West Shopping Centre in Krugerdorp, on the West Rand last night.

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Members of a local Community Policing Forum (CPF) were called to the rather unusual scene after security staff at the centre called for backup as the woman was behaving erratically, Krugersdorp News reported.

At the bathroom in the centre, strange noises could be heard coming from the cubicle in which the woman had locked herself.

A member of the CPF tried to convince her to unlock the door and come out, but she refused. However, she insisted on communicating with one news reporter, who spent about 20 minutes negotiating with her to get her to unlock the door.

Peeking underneath the locked door the reporter saw the woman’s bare feet, with her clothing nowhere in sight. The confused woman explained she had lost her clothes and could not come out because she was naked.

With the help of the CPF, her dress was found a few cubicles away from the one she had locked herself in. Her clothes were placed in middle of the facility to persuade her out to come out.

The reporter and CPF members waited outside while she dressed herself, but she ran back into a cubicle and locked it.

After further negotiations, the woman finally opened the door and came out.

By that time, the police had arrived at the scene. She insisted on washing her face and drinking water first, which she did at every single basin inside the facility.

The CPF member managed to get a blanket for the woman, and she was removed safely from the centre with the help of other CPF members and police.

On arrival where the woman lived, it was learned from relatives that she was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs but had been suffering from what seemed to be a mental illness.

Krugersdorp police members tried to convince her relatives to take her back in, but they refused. They said her strange behaviour had disrupted their household for the last three months.

Police had no choice but to take her to Leratong Hospital, where she is expected to receive the treatment she needs.

– Caxton News Service