Police nab would be bank robbers in Durban surf shop

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Two bank robbers were nabbed by police in a surf shop after cops foiled their planned robbery in Durban on Tuesday.

Police spokesman Major Thulani Zwane said police had received information that the Standard Bank on Durban’s North Coast Road was going to be robbed, but that police found the four robbers in a VW Golf Gti outside the bank.

A chase followed and the robbers abandoned their car near the vehicle licensing office in Percy Osborn Road, before hijacking a Mercedes-Benz.

By this stage a police helicopter was tracking the men who abandoned their vehicle in First Avenue in Stamford Hill as they became caught up in traffic.

Two of the men managed to flee the police while another two fled into the Rip Curl clothing shop.

One of the robbers was shot by police at the entrance to the store while another hid in the clothing at the back of the shop. He was found by police dogs after a shop staff member alerted police to his presence.

Glynn Henman said that he and staff in the shop thought that the shop was being robbed.

Henman said that his staff fled to the back of the shop as the two suspects entered the shop. Two staff members came downstairs from upstairs to calm staff and customers.

“Two of our staff members were standing next to him. They didn’t even realise that anyone was there because the guy was hiding in between the clothing. They were oblivious to the guy hiding,” Herman recounted.

Robert McKenzie, spokesman for the KwaZulu-Natal Emergency Medical Service, said the two men were in a serious condition – one from dog bite wounds and the other had sustained multiple gunshot wounds.

An AK47 assault rifle was recovered, as was an unlicensed handgun at the site of the arrest. Zwane said police were still hunting for the other two men, who remained at large.

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