Metro police officer shot and killed in Joburg shooting

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A Johannesburg metro police officer was shot and killed during an armed robbery at Junction Mall in Rosettenville, Gauteng police said on Tuesday.

The SA Police Service tweeted: “#sapsGP 27/07 Metro police officer shot & killed during armed robbery at shop @ Junction Mall, Rosettenville, robbers fled empty-handed”. Johannesburg metro police spokesman Senior Superintendent Wayne Minnaar said the 60-year-old officer was shot dead just before 3pm when he walked into a robbery at Central Mall.

He said the officer was going into a Pick n Pay when he saw suspects robbing security guards of a cash box.

“He started wrestling with one of the suspects and then he got shot by another suspect who came out from behind a pillar. When he fell he was shot again twice in the upper body. He sadly died on the scene,” said Minnaar.

“The suspects fled with the cash box, however red dye came from the cash box as it exploded as they ran. They continued holding onto the box as they fled.”

Minnaar said the money they fled with would be covered in red dye.

No arrests have been made.

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