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17 Jul 2015
1:57 pm

Zuma encourages South Africans to ‘build a caring society’


President Jacob Zuma urged South Africans on Friday to build a more caring society ahead of International Nelson Mandela Day.

“As our country and the world celebrate Nelson Mandela International Day on July 18, I appeal to all South Africans to dedicate themselves to building a united and more caring society,” he said in his message.

“Madiba, the founding father of our democracy, dedicated 67 years of his life to the struggle to create a better South Africa. He fought against discrimination and became a symbol of the struggle to end racism, sexism and all forms of human degradation. In his memory, let us rededicate ourselves to unity, love, forgiveness, reconciliation, respect for one another and tolerance.”

Recalling the vision for a unified South Africa, Zuma said: “Let us recommit to eliminate all social ills from our communities such as the abuse of women and children, the abuse of drugs and other substances, crime and hooliganism, including acts of disobedience, disrespect and destruction of property, as well as the violence that usually accompanies these kinds of actions.”

He said all South Africans should work together in unity to take forward Mandela’s vision of ending poverty, inequality and unemployment and to build a more prosperous society in which all, especially the poor and the working class, are assured a better life.