Denise Williams and Yadhana Jadoo
2 minute read
17 Jul 2015
8:00 am

Tutu family remains calm

Denise Williams and Yadhana Jadoo

Cape Town – Reverend Mpho Tutu is not too concerned about her father Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu's condition.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his wife Leah Tutu take part in a ceremony to renew their wedding vows at Holy Cross Anglican Church in Soweto, 4 July 2015, to mark their 60th wedding anniversary. Picture: Michel Bega

The “Arch”, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday following a recurring infection that could not be treated by oral antibiotics.

She denied his condition had anything to do with his prostate cancer, saying only it was “below the belt”.

“The doctors are satisfied that his cancer remains dormant and well under control with the treatment,” said Tutu.

Mpho said his wife, Leah, who renewed her wedding vows with Tutu two weeks ago, was “anxious”.

“My anxiety levels are quite low. My mother gets anxious because she gets quite nervous … she is his wife,” said Tutu.

She would not divulge which hospital Tutu was treated at, but did proffer an invite to the media to join her and her mother – should Leah be able to leave father’s bedside – to hand out of soup and rolls to patients at Groote Schuur hospital. This was in aid of celebrations in memory of former statesman Nelson Mandela’s birthday tomorrow.

This was also indicative of the Arch’s many causes to improve the conditions of South Africans.

However, Tutu implored the public to understand that the Arch, at the age of 83, could no longer commit to all causes.

“I know my dad has a deep and abiding passion for the many causes. My father is not quite as young as he looks, so we recognise that his energy is waning a bit,” said Tutu.

“It’s not to say he is dropping off the scene because I can’t imagine him dropping off the scene. He is testing the word no … he is trying to use it.”

Instead, he was trying to use the word “yes” to spending time with his family, having an afternoon nap and properly enjoying a book, rather than speed reading it. “He is slowing down and that good and appropriate… Those of you who look for his ‘yes’ [will] realise that his ‘yes’ is sparsely more sprinkled,” an upbeat Tutu said.

Meanwhile, struggle veteran Ahmed Kathrada, has relayed his well wishes to Tutu.

“I have already sent my message to him personally,” he said.