‘Hitler lover’ loses the fight

Mcebo Dlamini. File picture: Alaister Russell

Mcebo Dlamini. File picture: Alaister Russell

The University of Witwatersrand has made public the outcomes of the review of the disciplinary decision against former Wits Students’ Representative Council (SRC) president Mcebo Dlamini on Tuesday.

According to a statement released by the university, there were two charges against Dlamini related to a case that happened in 2014.

“On the first charge the independent Appeal and Review Committee confirmed the finding of the Student Discipline Committee that he was guilty of misconduct. The Committee did not uphold a second charge relating to another  2014 incident. On the basis of the confirmation of the first finding, the Council hereby confirms the Vice-Chancellor’s decision to require him to stand down from the SRC. He will remain a student at Wits,” the university said through the statement.

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However, it was made clear through the statement that this has nothing to do with comments Dlamini made earlier this year that he loves Adolf Hitler. The university says that Dlamini’s Hitler comments “did not breach the exceptions to the Constitution regarding freedom of speech”.

“There are grounds for him to be charged for failing to meet his fiduciary requirements as SRC President. However, given the fact that he has already been removed from this capacity, the University does not deem it appropriate to charge him in this regard.”

“Obviously, the University still holds the view that Mr Dlamini’s remarks were abhorrent and not in standing with the values of this institution. The University remains embarrassed that one of its own could have made such comments. However, given its commitment to freedom of speech as espoused in the Constitution, the University is committed to providing a space for the free exchange of ideas, whether or not it agrees with those ideas.”

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Dlamini said that he will not challenge the outcome of the review, and that Wits Vice Chancellor Professor Adam Habib, can keep the SRC position.

In his own words, Dlamini said: “Habib can take his SRC position and shave it in his a**…. i won’t challenge this sh** further…. one thing i won’t do is desert the struggle of a Black Child…i don’t need an office position in order to restore the dignity of a Black Child…”.



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