Valeska Abreu
1 minute read
10 Jul 2015
12:20 pm

Mamelodi taxi drivers vow to get taxis back

Valeska Abreu

Law enforcement officials have gathered at the Koedoespoort Transport impound in Silverton, where more than 50 taxis from Mamelodi, in Pretoria, have been impounded.

FILE PICTURE: Minibus taxis. Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

Taxi operators expect to collect their vehicles today, claiming an agreement was reached with government officials that all taxis would be released. But word from government is that no agreement was reached, and drivers will have to pay all fines and have the necessary documentation before any taxis are released.

“We are not politicians, we are drivers,” said Bonny Ndjishe, secretary of the Mamelodi Amalgamated Taxi Association, in response to the dispute. He said drivers were collecting all the necessary documentation and would collect their taxis “no matter what”.