Valeska Abreu
1 minute read
10 Jul 2015
7:36 am

Mamelodi taxis operating normally after stay away

Valeska Abreu

Taxis are operating as normal on Friday morning in Mamelodi following a one day stay away on Thursday.

FILE PIC: Taxis are seen. Picture: Nigel Sibanda.

A province wide strike was expected to begin today after promises were made by protesting taxi drivers. Taxi organisations in the township brought panic and havoc yesterday when they removed all taxis from the roads leaving thousands of commuters stranded.

Along with this came demands to release all impounded taxis taken during Operation Fiela. Threats were made of a province wide strike on Friday and nationwide strike on Monday if this did not happen.

Last night taxi operators said an agreement had been reached with government officials and all taxis would be released. But word from government contradicts this. Police spokesman Lungelo Dlamini said only five taxis with the proper permits were released while the department of community safety maintains that no agreement was reached with the taxi industry stating that no taxis will be released until all fines are paid.

Taxi operators are expected to collect their vehicles this morning around 8 at the pound in Silverton.