Vicky Somniso-Abraham
3 minute read
10 Jul 2015
12:00 pm

Brenda fingered in alleged fraud spree

Vicky Somniso-Abraham

Famous legal analyst and convicted fraudster, Brenda Wardle is expected to appear before the Johannesburg Specialised Commercial Crimes Court next week on two counts of fraud.

Alleged fraudster, Brenda Wardle | Picture: Twitter

A warrant of arrest was issued against Wardle and she was arrested last year in December. She was later released on bail of R10 000. Wardle allegedly defrauded Mortimer Harvey (PTY) Limited, an advertising and marketing company R70 000 for flight tickets to the J&B Met horse racing event in Cape Town.

The second charge relates to Wardle, who allegedly claimed to be an attorney, charging an Eskom employee legal fees of R42 000. It is alleged she faked court orders and claimed she had received a settlement of R6.2 million from Eskom on behalf of the employee.

The Eastern Cape police spokesperson, Colonel Sibongile Soci also confirmed another case of fraud against Wardle which is handled by Kabega Park police. Soci said Wardle was charged for fraud and was released on a notice to appear before the Port Elizabeth Specialised Commercial Crimes Court again. She said the case was in court again on 19 June 2015, but “we couldn’t source the court outcome due to the fact that the Investigating Officer is currently on leave”.

According to Mail & Guardian, Wardle was previously convicted on 97 counts of fraud and sentenced to an effective eight-year jail term. She was sentenced in 2001 and released on parole in 2005 which expired in 2008. Her profile on says Wardle is a Bachelor & Master of Laws Graduate, currently registered towards a Doctor of Laws Degree.

In an affidavit submitted to the police, Mortimer Harvey’s employee Maritte Nebulone claims that the company was marketing and hosting the J&B Met on behalf of Absa Bank on January 29, 2011.

In her affidavit Nebuloni says she was contacted by an employee at Absa and asked if a friend of hers, Wardle could attend the event in Cape Town.

But Nebuloni requested an upfront payment from Wardle, who apparently sent a document as proof of payment. Nebuloni, then released the tickets and “Wardle and her friends thereafter flew to Cape Town to attend the J&B Met.” It was later discovered that the R70 000 was never received.

Nebuloni claims in the affidavit that “when I checked the bank account of Mortimer Harvey, it came to my attention that no monies had been paid into our account and that the Absa Notice of Payment was fraudulent.”

She said in the affidavit that tickets wouldn’t have been released “if we had not received the Absa Notice of Payment”.

“Only because of this fraudulent misrepresentation of payment, did we release the air tickets to Brenda Wardle,” reads the affidivat.

Nebuloni also alleges that a second fraudulent payment was made by Wardle after being informed the payment did not go through. The Citizen has seen the documents allegedly submitted as proof of payments made from Wardle. Wardle has yet to plead to the charges, but denies any wrongdoing. See the story elsewhere on the page.

“Our concern is that she has not learnt any lessons by going to jail and that she continues to act with criminal intent, fraudulently ripping off people their money,” said Nebuloni in the affidavit. –