ECape man viciously assaulted to death (video)

Screengrab of the video

Screengrab of the video

A video has emerged showing a fatal beating of David Tsali, an Eastern Cape man from Mayabuleni Village in Tsolo, in an apparent mob justice.

Tsali, who was accused of stealing cattle, was repeatedly sjamboked while another man is seen on the video pouring water on him.

The father of four was beaten to death allegedly by a group of 23 men.

According to Crime Daily, the 23 accused appeared at the Tsolo Magistrate court in connection to Tsali’s murder.

The 39-year-old could not see the people who were beating him as it all happened while he was blindfolded and handcuffed.

BE WARNED: The video contains graphic images

Video by Crime Daily

It is reported that village elders summoned Tsali for questioning in connection to stock theft. Despite Tsali denying any involvement in the crime, a group of men tied and beat him up to his death. Tsali died at Dr Malizo Mpehle Hospital, apparently as a result of the beating.

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