Tshwane SPCA inspector hijacked at gunpoint

Tshwane SPCA inspector Andrew Kekana was hijacked and detained. Photo: Supplied.

Tshwane SPCA inspector Andrew Kekana was hijacked and detained. Photo: Supplied.

A case of hijacking and robbery has been opened after a Tshwane SPCA inspector was hijacked and held at gunpoint for nearly four hours in Pretoria.

SPCA spokesperson Korky Levanon said the victim, Andrew Kekana was in an SPCA official vehicle when he was accosted by unknown suspects near Cullinan on Thursday night, Rekord East reported.

“He was held at gunpoint for over four hours, while the suspects took his personal bank card and withdrew maximum daily limit,” she added.

“The suspects then waited until after midnight to get access the next day’s limit. Once the suspects had withdrawn all the money they could, they left Kekana in a remote area and fled the scene in the official SPCA vehicle that has branding on it, said Levanon.

The suspects also took the inspector’s personal belongings as well as the Tshwane SPCA’s cellphone, laptop, control pole, captive bolt, camera, catching net and euthanase, she added.

Kekana had been treated for a head injury.

Levanon the Tshwane SPCA is in the process of getting the emergency number replaced. Anyone with information on the hijacking can call 083 268 5613.

In a separate incident, a police officer was hijacked and robbed in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape.

The officer from the KwaZakhele police station was held up in Tonjeni Street in Zwide last year where he had been visiting relatives.

As he was leaving his relatives, he was approached by three men, one of whom was carrying a firearm.

They made him lie down on the ground, took his wallet, house keys and cellphone before driving off in his vehicle. The vehicle was later found at a local hospital.

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